With a broad portfolio of experience and skills, Feranova dedicates itself to turning environmental challenges into economically appealing projects.  In doing so, we are aiming at increasing the efficiency and sustainability both of current industrial power plants as well as solar solutions.
Renewables, especially solar energy, are the future sources of energy and therefore also the future of our planet.

Our mission is to actively contribute to the enhancement of global environmental protection and hence to preserve and to improve our natural surroundings. This is why we further the development of our own technologies as well as the promotion and utilization of solar energy in general, in order for future generations to also be able to live in a beautiful and healthy world.

We achieve this aim both through our very motivated team of employees who have diverse backgrounds and a wide-ranging portfolio of know-how and experience at their disposal, as well as by accomplishing our goals through continuous research and development, so that we are able to utilize our new and improved patented technologies and products.




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Our headquarters in Westerkappeln, Germany