In Germany, we are involved in particular with large-scale rooftop solar energy systems, upon which Feranova PV Modules are installed. Thanks to our elaborate and sophisticated mounting systems, it does not matter whether the roofs are flat or pitched - even roofs previously unsuitable for PV-systems can now be utilized. We facilitate the optimal layout for the location of the modules, the connection to the grid, and depending on the project structure, also the operation and maintenance of the PV-system.

In Southern Europe, we are involved in the project development of solar energy plants (both CSP and PV), particularly in less built-up areas. For these projects, we take on several tasks, starting from the project planning to obtaining licenses and authorizations to the building and installation right through to the final approval. We are always looking for investors for these large-scale projects.

Feranova offers three different options with which any project can be implemented:

As an Operating Company:
Feranova builds and installs the systems, which are then operated by our customers or external investment companies. Our subsidiary Feranova Service GmbH takes over the maintenance, which in turn means that the roofs are rented out to the investment company.


As a Joint Venture:
We enter joint venture partnerships with project partners interested in conducting several projects. In this case, the projects are operated on the basis of a 50:50 partnership. This means that the systems are built and installed by Feranova, but are operated conjointly with our partner.


Turnkey Projects:
If our customers wish to operate projects themselves, we are able to supply turnkey solutions. In this case, we deliver the plant or system, including construction supervision and final acceptance, so that our customers receive a worry-free solution. A further option which ensures the smooth running of our systems for our customers is the opportunity to contract Feranova Service GmbH to provide the technical operation and maintenance of the system.




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Thanks to our wide range of different types of sub-structures for flat and pitched roof tops with low load reserves, Feranova is able to realize PV projects on roofs that previously were not eligible for PV systems.


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