April 2014

Feranova successfully participates at ICCI Istanbul


It was a successfull and lively few days at our booth at ICCI Istanbul fair.

We presented the improved FRT Collector to a broad audience of professional experts and were able to further increase the knowledge of CSP within the Turkish market.

Our team enjoyed the lively discussions with many new contacts about our FRT Collector and its major fields of application power production and process heat.

During her presentation about "Solar Energy at Market Price" at ICCI 2014 Confernce, our Commercial Operations Manager Sibylle Bergjohann enlightened the audience with a fresh perspective on the application and marketing of CSP systems.


We kindly would like to thank your visitors for their interest in our company and our technologies.


Feranova's ICCI Team

Our Feranova fair team (f. right to left:) Johannes Kort, Serkan Kadi, Sibylle Bergjohann, Erkan Günaydin and vistors at our booth



Visitors and the Feranova team at our booth


Presentation at ICCI

Panel discussion at ICCI

Sibylle Bergjohann during her presentation "Solar Energy at Market Price" and panel discussion at ICCI 2014 confrence.




March 2014

Our brand new company brochure


Just in time for the ICCI fair in Istanbul, we made a new brochure.

Have a look at it here!



March 2014

Curious about our FRT Collector?

Have a look at it in our new film!


In cooperation with the team of Airkopter, we have shoot a short film that gives you some insights about our FRT Collector.

You can watch the film here.


FRT Collector, air-borneAirkopter




December 2013

Visit us at ICCI 2014 in Istanbul from April 24-26!

Banner ICCI 2014




August 2013

Our favourite sundowner


Sundown at Collector-1Sundown at Collector-2


Solar thermal energy at sundown, we took these lovely pictures during our last visit in Cine, our favourite sundowner!




March 2013

We have visitors!




Every now and then the local shepherd and his sheep come by our project site in Cine. We have "hired" the sheep to mow the weed under our collector. As you can see they really enjoy their juicy snacks!




December 2012

Feranova sets out to conquer the Turkish market

The northern German engineering and technology company is now easier available for its Turkish customers due to its recently established subsidiary in Istanbul, Turkey.


Sun Plaza - is the very apt name of the business complex in Istanbul, which Feranova chose as headquarters for its first Turkish branch. The established subsidiary of Feranova GmbH is called Feranova Teknolojileri Enerji Limited Sirketi. Hereby the company that operates in the field of the Concentrated Solar Power is able to even be closer and more responsive to its Turkish customers. Feranova is preparing for its market entry with the establishment of the new subsidiary and the simultaneous construction of the pilot project in the province of Aydin.


Feranova’s CEO Serkan Kadi gives some details about the motivation behind the branching out of his company: "The high solar radiation, a strong presence of industries with a high demand for heat and also the relatively high gas prices in Turkey make this country a very attractive market for the sale of Feranovas Linear Fresnel Collectors."


"Our customers can use our collectors not only in order to improve their environmental balance, but at the same time, they can  also reduce their energy expenditure and protect themselves against increasing gas prices," summarizes Sibylle Bergjohann, Head of Sales of Feranova GmbH, the benefits of Feranova’s offer for not only the Turkish customers. She explains the further actions in the Turkish market as follows: "We will initially focus particularly on those customers who want to use our collector for process heat production, since the FRT Collectors operate for the process heat application without governmental tariffs or grants. We can even already affirm that the currently installed pilot project will work profitably. "


Feranova Enerji Teknolojileri LTD is based in: Bilim Sokak No.5 K.13, Sun Plaza, Maslak 34398 Istanbul. A second branch in Izmir is already in preparation.


Collector constructionCollector construction-2

Collector construction-3Collector construction-4




November 2012

Feranova is Cofounder of Deutsche CSP Network:

€15 billion in annual volume projected for Concentrated Solar Power

Deutsche CSPAs it was announced on November 2nd, Feranova is one of the approximately cofounding 35 German companies and research institutes that have published a joint position paper on the market opportunities for solar heat power plants and Concentrated Solar Power. The newly founded network that calls itself “German CSP” intends to bundle the resources and interests of German companies and thus improve their chances on the international market. By jointly pursuing research and development in a strategic manner, the network will be working to increase the efficiency of the technology and lower the costs of generating electricity with it even further.

At the same time, the network that includes among others E.ON, Bilfinger, SCHOTT and the German Aerospace Centre (DLR), will be addressing politicians by submitting recommendations. “We expect to see annual market volume of €15 billion for Concentrated Solar Power in the years to come. German companies cover the entire value chain and are already active all over the world. Now, the objective is to help gain access to the international markets at the political level and position the German industry appropriately,” says Georg Brakmann, spokesman for the German CSP network. “Demonstrative international projects that receive support from politicians can help speed up innovations and offer greater security for investors,” he adds.


In order to read the conjoint press release of Deutsche CSP, please click here.

In order to read the joint position paper, please click here (available in German).



April 2012

Hannover Trade Fair (Hannover Messe) 2012

This year's theme "Technology Meets Progress" fitted perfectly to Feranova and our innovative linear Fresnel collector FRT-1C20.  By exhibiting our Concentrated Solar Power technology we were able to show what the progress in solar energy looks like. The Feranova Team was very excited to present our latest invention to a broad audience at the fair for the first time. Our guests and the  team enjoyed lively conversations about our company and our FRT-1C20 collector.

We are very pleased with the outcome of the fair and would like to thank all of our guests for visiting us.


Have a look at a few of our photos of our stand!


Feranova Team at Fair

(Our fair team from left to right: Lars Klümpers, Ralf Beckmann, Sibylle Bergjohann, Serkan Kadi)



March 2012

Check out our new borchure!


January 2012

Visit us at Hannover Trade Fair 2012!



December 2011

University of Osnabrück visits Feranova

The Feranova team welcomed participants of the advanced training course “Renewable Energy Technology” of the University of Applied Science Osnabrück in order to deliver insights into the various areas of the solar technologies and their respective industries.
Feranova not only cooperates with the University of Applied Science Osnabrück in the areas of research and development, but has also installed the photovoltaic systems on the rooftops of various lecture halls. Hence, the Feranova team members are enthusiastic about passing on their expert knowledge and know-how in the field of solar energy to the students.
Among the visitors were engineers and IT specialists with recognized university degrees from the Mediterranean region, the region of the former Soviet Union and Germany. They are currently attending a 10-month advanced training course, which is completed by a subsequent 3-month internship. This course is organized by Otto Benecke Foundation and funded by the Federal Ministry for Education and Research. It aims at teaching about various technologies of renewable energies as well as the respective industries. The students were accompanied by Prof. Dr. Klaus Kuhnke and Prof. Dr.-Ing. Sandra Rosenberger who manage the course. Associated professors Mike Voss and Christian Waldhoff who give lectures in solar technology were also among the curious visitors.
The first part of the visit consisted of a theoretical lecture about Feranova’s main business units: CSP and photovoltaics. The students listened intently as Feranova’s Managing Director, Serkan Kadi, talked about these technologies and explained their similarities and differences. A lively question-answer session concluded the theoretical part.
The highlight of the day was the visit of the various models of Feranova CSP collectors. Here, the participants had the opportunity to experience firsthand the impressive size and scope of Feranova’s CSP plants.

About the Otto Benecke Foundation and the AQUA program:
The AQUA program (unemployed graduates qualifying for the labor market) is managed by Otto Benecke Foundation  and trains unemployed academics in co-operation with universities for over 20 years. AQUA provides them with specific professional qualification in order for them to have the chance of a (re-) entry into the labor market. The cost of the study supplements are born by the Federal Ministry for Education and Research.

About the advanced training program “Renewable Energy Technology”:
This course is currently undertaken at the University  of Applied Science Osnabrück - Faculty of Engineering and Computer Science (IUI) in collaboration with Science to Business GmbH/ NWA and is supervised by Prof. Dr.-Ing. Sandra Rosenberg and Prof.  Dr. Klaus Kuhnke.



November 2011

Feranova: Nomination for Münsterland Innovation Award 2011

Feranova GmbH is delighted to have been nominated for the Münsterland Innovation Award 2011. Feranova was nominated as one of three finalists for the special award "Energie-innovative" which recognizes pioneering developments in the energy sector. Out of a total of 70 candidates, only 13 made it on to the final shortlist in any of the three categories of the prestigious innovation award. The awards ceremony is held every two years and is organized by Münsterland eV. This year's awards ceremony took place on 9 November 2011 in the Coesfeld concert theater. more

The nomination of Münsterland Innovation Award 2011 led to the participation of Feranova in the Innovation Award of the German Economy 2011, the world's first innovation award.

World's first Innovation Award



October 2011

Kaltun Mining Group powered by Feranova

Feranova supports Kaltun Mining Group, one of Turkey's leading mining companies, through its supply of CSP collectors. Kaltun extracts 1.7 million tons per annum of feldspar, which, together with kaolin and quartz, is one of the major components of porcelain. Feranova’s collectors contribute to the generation of thermal heat which Kaltun requires for the operation of seven kilns used to dry the feldspar.

In the first stage of construction, a CSP collector with a capacity of one megawatt is being used;   further collectors will be installed later to increase this capacity to 12 megawatts. The drying system, previously powered by natural gas, will operate so energetically sustainably that savings of up to 50 % from the previous natural gas costs can be achieved.


Logo Kaltun Mining




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