Feranova Modules are available ranging from a capacity of 170W to 240W. The modules' monocrystalline silicium cells facilitate an excellent output. Our modules make use of compact measurements and thus are especially easy to assemble.
Monocrystalline cells have the advantage of possessing a high level of efficiency, namely 16 %. These solar cells are easily distinguished from others due to their blue coloring.

For the production of our solar modules, single solar cells are attached to solder wire and thus form strands which are electrically connected. The aligned cells are positioned, covered with a special plastic foil and laminated. For protection purposes, the module is integrated into a lightweight aluminum frame. The Feranova frame has two extra cross braces which improves the module’s stiffness. This modification is implemented exclusively by Feranova and has been of proven benefit against the forces of wind and snow. After sealing, our modules are completely weather-proof and resistant to UV-radiation and dampness. They withstand extreme temperatures and rough weather conditions.

Our modules comply with the IEC61215 and CE standards and are certified by TÜV. Production is implemented according to the ISO9001 standard.




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Feranova modules contain no moving parts, are easy to install, customizable and easy to install.