Our FRT linear Fresnel collector has been developed to improve economic and performance issues of CSP collectors. They have a modular design and a high degree of land usage, making them suitable for use in all project areas and for different project sizes and requirements.
The  FRT-1C20 collectors consists of twenty parallel linear rows of mirrors which focus the sunlight on a receiver tube and warm up a heat transfer medium, which allows the vaporization temperature to reach up to 490 °C.

In order to generate electricity, FRT-1C20 collectors can be used in two ways: They can either generate steam that is fed into a conventional power block and converted into electricity (by employing a steam turbine) which is then either used directly or supplied to the grid. Connecting the collectors to the existing steam cycle of a conventional coal power plant is another option. This power plant extension is called CSP hybrid power plant. Not only can this option reduce the consumption of fossil fuels and thereby costs, but also decrease pollutant emission.

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