Our FRT-linear Fresnel collector has been designed to deliver high-performance CSP projects with an outstanding efficiency. This means that they represent a true economic and of course an ecological alternative to the use of fossil fuels in industrial or agricultural processes.
Ideal areas of application are process heat production, solar cooling, drying processes, desalination and process steam production.

FRT-linear Fresnel collectors for process heat applications are designed in a special modular design to meet our customers’ various requirements. Due to their lightweight construction, it is even possible to install the FRT-linear Fresnel collectors as rooftop systems. Thus, they can also be installed on such corporate campuses, where there would be no room for conventional CSP collectors.

Depending on the potential of the project area, the customer's preferences and requirements, the FRT-linear Fresnel collectors are adjustable in their number of rows of mirrors. We can offer collectors with 10 to 20 rows. They can generate temperatures from 200 °C up to 490 °C depending on the heat transfer medium.

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