Independent, remote and projectable
Become fully self-sufficient regarding your
energy needs with your own onsite energy
production. Utilizing our FRT Collector
protects you from the risk of energy outages
and also shields you from rising energy bills.

Long-term low cost energy
The sun’s energy doesn’t cost a cent and
the FRT Collector’s O&M costs are very low.
Once the costs of the collector are recouped, your energy production costs could be as low as 0.01 US$/kWh, drastically reducing your energy bill.

Energy in any form
We understand that different industries
and production/manufacturing processes
require different kinds of energy. Whether
you need heat, steam, or cooling energy,
our FRT Collectors can provide it at any
level between 200 °C and 550 °C as well
as at a level of pressure that best fits your


Greater efficiency and competitiveness
By utilizing our FRT Collector, not only will
you have more energy available at a lower
cost, but your efficiency will also increase
due to our 360° approach where we consider
your individual process. This will also
increase your company’s competitiveness.
Marketing benefits & stakeholder involvement
Set new standards not only for your production
and manufacturing processes, but also
for your products. Sustainable products are
becoming more and more sought after and
important to today’s customers; a marketing
device that you can use for promoting
your products and further boosting your
company’s image.
Local content
Up to 65 % of the FRT Collector’s components
can be produced and manufactured
locally, potentially resulting in an increase
both in your company’s involvement in
the local community as well as for your
company’s reputation within the community.




Feranova Sandwich Mirror

Process Heat Collectors

Electricity Generation Collectors

PV Modules



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