The cost advantages of the FRT Collector
stem from its innovative design. The
collector’s parts are all specially designed
to allow for optimum transportation and
rapid on-site installation. Furthermore, no
costly substructure is needed. This benefit
guarantees a long lifespan and a reduction in
operation and maintenance (O&M) costs.
Reliable and robust
The FRT Collector operates smoothly and
safely due to its precise tracking and control
tools. Several protective modes for all kinds
of weather and operating conditions are
included in order to prevent damage to the
mirror elements. The mirror’s patented Sandwich
Structure ensures that the collector is
both stable and durable.


Modular and flexible
Our FRT Collector uses a special modular and scalable design to meet our customers’ various demands. We can adjust and customize the design of the FRT Collector according to the required output, type of application as well as to the on-site configuration.


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