Ideal applications for the FRT linear Fresnel Collector include heat, solar cooling, process steam, seawater desalination and electricity production. Due to its lightweight substructure, the collector is not only applicable for open-field installations, but also for rooftop systems.

Electricity Generation
In order to generate electricity, the FRT linear Fresnel Collector needs to be connected to a conventional steam turbine. Feranova accompanies and supports its customers in every step of the process; starting from preliminary project inquiries and the selection of power plant components  right through to the installation and operation and maintenance of the solar power plant. Further services that boost the efficiency of the power plants such as the integration of a thermal storage facility are also rendered by Feranova.

Process Heat
The FRT linear Fresnel collector is ideally equipped to also supply steam or heat for industrial processes, especially for the integration into drying processes typically needed in the food and ceramics industry and in the drying of ore.
The FRT collectors can either be integrated into pre-existing systems, in which they supply extra steam or heat, or they can also be used in new systems and thereby provide a self-sufficient heat/steam supply.
Using such a method not only reduces a company’s carbon emissions, it also saves the costs of fossil energy resources.
For process heat applications, Feranova cooperates closely with its customers’ engineers and technical staff in order to find individual solutions that bring the best results for our customers.

Seawater Desalination
Solar thermal power plants and CSP systems are utilized in areas where there is a lot of direct sunlight. Due to its especially high intensity, the sun brings many disadvantages to these regions, including a lack of potable water.
A seawater desalination plant can be connected to Feranova's CSP system without much effort. The processed water can then be used for agricultural irrigation or even as drinking water. Pre-existing CSP applications can also be used for desalination.

Solar Cooling
Air conditioning systems are often essential where CSP systems function best, due to the intensive sun light and heat in such areas. CSP systems can also provide solar cooling. In this process, the thermal energy produced by the systems is converted into cold air used for air conditioning.
Since air conditioning is also often needed in factory buildings, this application is very well suited in  combination with CSP systems that produce process heat or steam.




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CSP technologies can be realized for several applications: electricity generation, seawater desalination, process heat and solar cooling.




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